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The Alatus Institute by slimu The Alatus Institute by slimu
The students who pass through the
Majestic bronze gates lightly treading
Across the grove of magnolia
Carry dignity with each step,
Clothed in uniforms regal and proper,
With expressions calm, delicate and noble.
These are the grounds of redirection:
The Alatus Institute of Higher Academics.
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reydelfenix Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010  Student
This is beautiful!! I love how all of them have their eyes closed. Nice symmetry.
EnnaDearest Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Student General Artist
did you get the reference from the anime maria sama ga miteru? it looks so lovely~! (:
yuukinoneko Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
great jpb!!! ^o^
aseariel Featured By Owner May 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Just found your comic again; it's been years. Glad to see it's still going :D
LadyFianna Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SyaH-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
love your art :heart:
DasTenna Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
Awesome frame. And the whole composition and designs are great.
shifaikia Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
I love how everyone's eyes are closed! It makes it feel all . . . floaty and mysterious. :) I really like the design of the clothes! :heart:
PRllNCE Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
The details are... I can't explain it... Just perfect.
LadyLeing Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2007
Wow, this is one of the nicest drawings I've ever seen!!
Amazingly well done, dear.
misaokiley Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2006
Very pretty!!
sarrahfm Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
uwaaaaaaah! wow! how'd you fit em all in? gosh! fantastic piece!
Kokuro Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2006
I remember seeing you in the expo...xD I was with and . This is really cool! Can't wait to read more of the manga!!
Hamaru Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2006
HEY! REMEMBER ME? i was that girl at the anime expo. that asked, "THIS WAS AN ONLINE MANGA?!" and then how much it costed you to publish it, and a whole lot of quesitons. ><" lol i saw this. it's beautiful
axcelia Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2006
Beautiful artwork. :)
I'm really enjoying your webcomic Directions of Destiny and I'll defienetly buy a copy.
Thankyou for sharing your comic with us :)
Kagura615 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2006   Writer
Absolutely, possitively gorgeous. This piece must have taken an enormous amount of your time! I love it entirely.
Pastoral-Insanity Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
(will buy this picture at AX so it can sit next to her Zephan picture) >D
Rahyie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2006
I absoutly love thier uniforms x333~!And the colors are great.
ShinkonoKokoro Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing. It's lovely. I love your style of drawing. It's fantastic.
WOW!!!! :jawdrop: Thats soooooooo super amazing!!! Wow!!!! Great picture!!!!! *adds to favs* ^o^
Elenath- Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2006
Beautifully done.
I loved the design of the rails and how the boarder plays along with the picture.
The solemn expressions each hold are very nice. Liked the picture so much.
Bakanojutsu Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2006
Amazing poses and such soft colours!
Shelty Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2005
awesome! I love their uniforms!
paperclip Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2005
Good god, that staircase is amazing. The entire composition is great. Awesome work. :)
autumn-wind Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2005
Beautiful work! Truly enchanting words there. ^^
Love the poses... XD
thy-angel-of-chaos Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005
...:heart: I love it. Just like all of your artwork. @_@ You and you're pretty cel shading!
rer Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2005
I remember seeing the large Pin-up of this, it's fabulous.

So much detail, I love the boarder, your ability to colour and the way each character seems to fit in perfectly into the image.

Really, I adore you and your work.n__n;
wintergal Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2005
I love this pic!! Great job on it~
yinsey Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
This is stunningly beautiful @_@; I love how you arranged the piece~ and the border is just so intricate and complementary. I love all the characters expressions, there's a real sense of character but togetherness in this piece~ FAV!~ ^_^
Shanne Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2005
This picture is just so incredibly awsome!!!! I love the way you did it! FAV!
K-S-O Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm also one who thought of Marimite when seeing this deviant. I'm very impressed by the colors you used and the background is amazing as well. The borders are very good too! Did you also do that part all by yourself? In any case, this picture is my new :+fav:
HeYkySan Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
Awesome~!! It kinda reminds me of Shinshi Doumei~!! XD This makes me wanna watch ye~!! :blowkiss:
heimdallctr Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2005
So... beautiful... *w* What a great take on MariMite ::shot:: But with your characters. XD That's totally awesome. I'm so impressed by your borders and backgrounds... argh. My vice, still.

So much love. The colors are so soft. :hearts:
Kutsumi-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2004
StarEevee Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2004   Writer
What Tokhai said. This is marvelous. :D Instant favorite.
meglish Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004
That's beautiful! You must have put an endless amount of work into it, and it shows. It reminds me a bit of Maria-sama ga Miteru. I love it ^.^
OceanMaiden Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004
Have you ever mention that girl next to Claudia in DOD?
serratedangel Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004
I've always loved this. I think it would be really awesome in poster form, or as a two page spread somehow in the books published form. Definitely a promotional poster material, though. All the characters are unique and engaging, and the viewer (not just me, but people passing my computer ;;^^) wants to look closer at all of them. You didn't seem to skimp on any part of this image, and every element stands alone beautifully while still being unified by the soft coloring. :thumbsup:
ultimate-angel Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely exquisite. I am so faveing this.
Daimera Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004
The background on this is beautiful. ;.; All so very neat and uniform. The frame and decorative vines are the stuff of pure envy, I swear. *flings envy waves at you*
All the people are very well done, too. Not too detailed so as to detract from the overall pic, but not too simple, either. They're all well-spaced out, too! Though is there a reason that (nearly?) all their eyes are closed? XD I'd think that'd be dangerous around steps! j/k *runs*
rynoa Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004  Hobbyist
This is so great!
It's just.. they all have their eyes closed o.o
Love your tones and character's pose *_*
Border is so nice, too!
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