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Hey guys ;DD Fenryk and I are back from Fanime!! Thanks for everybody who stopped by our table and showed your support! It was really fun, Fanime is our favorite convention and we were super happy to see everybody there!! Our next convention is Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and we'll be sitting in tables A37 and A38 :> :> :> If you're in the area please stop by! :D

Oh and ya, if you didn't catch it earlier, if any of you grabbed my business card hoping to find my table partner, you can find his dA right here!!

:iconfenryk: :iconfenryk: :iconfenryk: :iconfenryk: :iconfenryk: :iconfenryk: :iconfenryk: :iconfenryk:


Directions of Destiny Unit 1 and Section 2.1 are on sale. Section 2.1 is something new I released at AX last year which is just a small little $4 booklet which includes one chapter of the comic as well as lots of extras, such as a full walkthrough of my comic-making process for anybody who's interested :B They're available to purchase at the Alatus Gift Shop.


Slime Mansion and
Directions of Destiny!


Yes I do them :O! I have a complicated price chart here, or you can just contact me if you're interested :>
Oh man why is the last entry here about AX 2009 D: I'm already here prepping for AX 2010!! Anyway, I guess I'm just popping my head up here because I've resolved to put more stuff online more often from now on. We'll see how long it lasts D:

Speaking of conventions, thank you to all the watchers I've gotten from the past conventions I've gone to since AX1! This includes Otakon, New York Anime Fest, Y-con, PMX, and Sakura Con. I hope to be able to attend everything again, so hopefully I'll get to see some of you around! :D

My subscription ran out without me resubscribing and it momentarily freaked me out because now I don't get to customize my journal entry appearances. D: But I guess I figure I should be trying to update more regularly anyway so that my money's actually worth something going into the subscription, so I'm going to try updating more regularly from now on before I try resubscribing? Now I get to spend my $8 on a couple of cheeseburgers or somethin'.


Directions of Destiny Unit 1 and Section 2.1 are on sale. Section 2.1 is something new I released at AX last year which is just a small little $4 booklet which includes one chapter of the comic as well as lots of extras, such as a full walkthrough of my comic-making process for anybody who's interested :B They're available to purchase at the Alatus Gift Shop.


Slime Mansion and Directions of Destiny. They've been updated since I last put up a journal entry here. D: New layouts and stuff. I hope to update Slime Mansion more regularly with art and stuff D: And Directions of Destiny with comic concept art.


Yes I do them :O! I have a complicated price chart here, or you can just contact me if you're interested :>

Anime Expo 2009!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 4:02 PM

Slimu's Journal

Hey guys :D

It's been a while since I updated my dA, but I thought I'd drop a note here letting everyone know that I'll be hitting up Anime Expo 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year in TWO WEEKS! As you can see above, I've made a lil' diagram of where you'll be able to find me this year ;D

Table D15 + D16!
Sharing with mah friends :iconfenryk: and :iconpeegchica:!

Our table will be decorated with leafy garlands, and my avatar :iconslimu: will also be prominently displayed so that you can easily locate us :D

We'll have lots of things for sale like prints, buttons, and books, (INCLUDING SOMETHING NEW RELATED TO DIRECTIONS OF DESTINY PERHAPS???), and all three of us will be open to commissions! ;D

Please stop by if you're going!! @_@

Directions of Destiny Updating!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2008, 8:45 PM

Slimu's Journal

Hay guys :> My comic Directions of Destiny is being updated again, finally! Please check it out!

Directions of Destiny

I've actually been updating the comic consistently every Thursday for a month now, but I didn't want to make a big ol' announcement about it here because I was afraid I'd immediately run out of steam and miss updates again, ha, ha, ha... But! I'm fairly confident now that I will be able to maintain my schedule, so please give it a look and keep it bookmarked if you like it!

Outside of that, I just wanted to drop a note here on deviantArt since I hadn't written anything in the journal for a while. School started, which is a good thing because I needed the structure of a set schedule back in my life since I otherwise just become a blob. My sleeping schedule is still all over the place though, so now I'm trying to actively make an effort to fix it because I feel like I'd become 50 times more productive!

Umm yeah, this entry was prettyboring. Check out my comic! <3

The Mansion Boutique!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2008, 12:41 AM

Slimu's Journal

I am posting to announce that after several days of strife, I've managed to set up an online store on my website! Welcome, everybody, to the Mansion Boutique! Here I will be selling all the stuff that I'd been selling at conventions, including prints, buttons, bookmarks, and of course, books! Including the elusive Something Colorful artbook that I had worked on last year!

And speaking of conventions, this weekend is Otakon 2008 in Baltimore, MD, and as I had mentioned before, I will be there! If you're going, look for me in the artist alley at Table C5. :3

Aannnd that's all!

Whoa, there.

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 11, 2008, 1:00 PM

Slimu's Journal

Daily Deviation?? Aw, shucks... >3< It was kind of a shock to see 1,000+ messages when I signed onto DeviantArt today, aheheh. Thanks!!

Anime Expo came and went and overall it was pretty all right? The traffic flow was admittedly mediocre for a convention that size since the artist alley was tucked way back into the far corner of the convention center, but hopefully they'll fix that for next year. Other than that, it was great meeting everyone, and also seeing familiar faces whom I'll most likely be seeing again at Otakon next month!

:iconshilin:, thanks for putting up with my ghetto hosting, I hope you enjoyed destroying your legs at the zoo!! >3<

:iconnayuki-chan:, hurray I finally got your signature on the Grimmjow print 8DD It is going on my wall as soon as I get situated back at my mom's house :>!

:iconyanimator:, basically I'll be seeing you everywhere huh. 8D Your art is such an inspiration ahhh when will I be good like you ahhhh

:iconhakuku: is always hot and sexyfine >3<

:iconlychi:, thanks for the print trade!!

:iconmakime:, I'll finish book 2 so stop nagging me about it!! >8( I hope you come back next year though, I'm sure it'll be better. Good luck on making an artbook!!

:iconlaurbits:, hurray new fan art!! I shall treasure it dearly <3

:iconkorilin: lmao sorry for scaring you so many times. I appreciate the cookies though :D

:iconmissypena:, thank you for cookies too!! It was great meeting you 8D

:iconchocosweete: and thank you for the chips and guacamole lmao

:iconakemichan: it's too bad we didn't run into each other again at Kinko's but at least I got to see you again! 8D I'm looking forward to seeing your Alice collection completed :>

:iconfinni: thank your boyfriend for me again for helping me get my stand set up on Saturday w@!!! It was a huuuuge help and I would've died had I tried to do it myself!!

Back on the subject of Otakon, table assignments for THAT has been handed out, I will be located at table C5 next to :iconbarlee: and :iconpallid:! :> See you there!

AX table + cat woes

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 25, 2008, 1:16 PM

Slimu's Journal

EDIT: There was a mistake in the original table assignments, so the entry has been fixed accordingly. :3

Phoarr, so first thing's first: Anime Expo table assignments have been sent out! I may or may not request a switch at the convention since I'm not sitting next to anybody I know, but otherwise I'm relatively okay with the arrangement? In any case, if nothing drastic happens, you should be able to locate me at table B10 <3

If you're going to AX, comment back letting me know your table assignment!!

Also, my laptop is back in action, but my spirit is not? Rupert (my cat) has been giving me lovely presents around the house lately. Presents, from his body. He used to be really good about it, but ever since I left him at my mom's house for the few weeks I was gone for conventions in May, he's been really inconsistent with his habits. Even now when I keep him quarantined in the bathroom, he still occasionally does it on the floor instead of in the toilet. =_= Things like this really dishearten me. :/

I've tried a number of ways to retrain him, but basically the ball's pretty much in his court now. I think he has to realize himself that leaving his business lying around is no fun for anybody, especially for him if he's being locked in a small bathroom with nowhere to hide from the smell. I'm hoping that I'll be able to catch him next time using the toilet so I can let him out of the bathroom to play--hopefully this will compute in his head: success with toilet = access to the outside world!

I want to write some sort of con report about ACen, Fanime and A-Kon in the near future, but for now I'll just give a shout-out to all the lovely artists I met:
:iconyanimator: :iconnayuki-chan: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconakemichan: :iconvert-is-ninja: :iconramy: :iconkaiami: :iconkatgirlstudio: :iconmeredithdillman: :iconnashya: :iconexplodinguterus: --all y'all are way hot >3<

And to the people I always see:
:iconpink: :iconpallid: :iconbarlee: :iconlychi: :iconkorilin: *lick*

I return!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 4, 2008, 10:58 PM

Slimu's Journal

hay guys :>

So my laptop's in the repair shop leaving me basically incapacitated as far as art goes since all I'm left with now is my old desktop that I only use to network the apartment, so I figure what better way to spend my time than to finally update my DeviantArt, amirite?? (There are plenty of better ways to spend your time.) I bought a subscription a while ago with the intent of actually updating then, but I was in no mood to think about CSS at the time despite wanting to make a big bang upon my return with a new layout for this journal thing, so I kept putting it off. I can't say I'm 100% satisfied with what I put together here since I literally did not plan this at all--it was just me and Paint Shop Pro 9 (lol) splicing images and crap together--but, um, it gets the job done?

The past three weeks I'd gone to anime conventions across the country every single weekend and while it was greeeeeaaaaat to meet fans of my comic in person, it was also extreeeeemely exhausting. And now that I'm back, my roommates both moved out leaving me with an empty apartment that I could now bend to my every interior designing desires!! So yesterday I spent the whole day looking at and also at various websites about feng shui. I can now say that I have a basic understanding in how to redirect all the negative chi out of this household and invite positive chi to flow freely! :D!!

(I-I can't say that I buy into everything that these feng shui nuts advocate, but if anything these guidelines will at least make my apartment more colorful?)

Speeaakiinng of color, one of the things I'd been selling for the past few conventions I'd gone to has been the Something Colorful artbook that I'd mentioned in the last journal I wrote here. I'll also be selling these books at Anime Expo 2008 as well as Otakon 2008 this summer, but if any of you are interested in getting a copy of the book but are unable to attend these conventions, my friend pink is taking orders online from her website!

Umm so anyways, I guess I'll be updating this gallery here little by little with the stuff I've been doing over the past, what, two years? And hopefully my laptop will come back to me soon~ >3< kbye!

Solike, I've been in Japan for the past year, but this is what I'd been working at, so if you're attending Anime Expo this weekend you should stop by the table with the pink tablecloth and purchase a copy? 8D My comic book and prints will be available too!

(I however will still be in Japan during the convention.)
H-heya guys.  I'm thinking of going to Otakon this year actually (sharing a table with my AX table partner, morbidprince!), but uh, seeing as it's only a month away, none of the hotels are available. >_o

Solike.  Does anybody have a hotel room they could share with me and one (sexy female) friend? :x
Pre-ordering for Unit 1 of Directions of Destiny has begun!

At only $10 plus, $4 shipping ($6 for international orders), you can be among the first to receive the full-length volume debut of Directions of Destiny, containing Sections 1.1 through 1.7 over the span of 248 pages! Like last year with the pre-ordering stage of the Section 1.1+1.2 mini-book, pre-ordering Unit 1 includes a bonus sketch of a Directions of Destiny character of your choice!

The book will be printed at the end of June and immediately shipped out to those who pre-ordered a copy. In addition, it will also be available at the Artist Alley of Anime Expo 2006 from my table, which I will be sharing with the wonderful morbidprince, artist of Pandect!

Please visit the Directions of Destiny website for more details on how you can pre-order your copy of Directions of Destiny, Unit 1!
Just a reminder: the last day to pre-order a copy of the Directions of Destiny book (available for $5 plus shipping) is THIS THURSDAY, June 16th. After Thursday, pre-ordering will be CLOSED until after Anime Expo (given that there are still copies left). If you want to guarantee yourself a copy (along with a free sketch!), you have until Thursday!
Pre-ordering for the first Directions of Destiny book is online!  This is a collection of Sections 1.1 and 1.2, plus some extra fun stuff like 4-koma strips and character profiles, totalling up to 80 pages!  The book will be sold for $5, plus $3 for shipping and handling fees (it'd be about $2 to mail it and $1 for the packaging) within the U.S., or $5 shipping for international orders!  Payments will be accepted via PayPal, but if you would like to use some other means of ordering, say money order or check (or cash if you want to take a risk), e-mail me about it!

I'll be sending the pages to the printer around the first or second week of May, so the books will be arriving at my doorsteps around the end of June, so I'll start sending them out then!  Pre-orders will receive a free sketch of a character of their choosing, so order now!  Or if you'll be going to Anime Expo this summer, you can skip out on the shipping fees as I will be in the artist alley selling these as well!
Today, April 4th, is Zephan's birthday!  (that's one of my characters, F.Y.I. ;D)  In celebration of this event (because he still hasn't gotten any FAN ART), I will be KILLING MYSELF (figuratively!) by committing to DAILY UPDATES TO DIRECTIONS OF DESTINY FOR THE REST OF THIS MONTH.  That's right!  One page a day, Monday through Fridays, for four weeks!  Why can I do this?!  I don't know!  I don't think I actually can!  BUT I'LL TRY!  Now that I've finished my short story for Disposable Parts, I feel like I can CONQUER THE WORLD!  BWA HA HA HA.

Oh man.  I'm really going to kill myself, aren't I?

...But if you REALLY want to know why I'm doing this, it's because for the PRINTED BOOK of Directions of Destiny, which I will be selling at ANIME EXPO this year, I need to have my pages sent to the printers by early May to get it in on time, and the only way I will accomplish this is by doing five pages a week from this point forward, seeing as I want to put in the first two chapters into the book.  SO!  Why not make it daily updates?  It'll be better than telling myself, Oohh, I'll save it for LATER i.e. Wednesday night, and end up REALLY killing myself over it then, and not making the deadline.

I figure, if professional artists in Japan can churn out 20+ pages a week (even though they've got freaking ASSISTANTS flying out of every pore of their body!!) I can at least try to make 5?

AND YES, I will be selling a printed book of DoD at Anime Expo with the first two chapters!  And I'll sell it here, online, as well!  Pre-order information will be up shortly, for those who are interested ;D.  (I'm thinking, $5 a book plus $2 shipping??)
In a drastic turn of events, comic artist Hans Tseng decides to take his graphic novel series Directions of Destiny off WirePop, instead opting to replace it with a brand new comic titled Lapis Aquae!

Directions of Destiny was added to the line-up on WirePop, a webcomic subscription site which features top-quality webcomics in the style of Japanese manga, a little over a month ago, however, its time spent as a pay webcomic was short-lived.  When asked for the reason that brought about this sudden change of heart, Tseng responded, "I just felt so bad about charging for a webcomic which had been free for the past three years.  It's like, Oh, lah dee dah, free free free, OH NEVERMIND, SUCKERS!"

Lapis Aquae has been in the planning stages for the past six years, and was originally to be written as a series of novels titled Aqua Alps.  However, realizing that prose form was not his focal point, Tseng decided to put the project on hold in order to start  the sequential art series Directions of Destiny, which was at first intended to be "practice" for the graphic novel form of Lapis Aquae.

Directions of Destiny has since found a warm place in Tseng's heart as not just a guinea pig project, while Lapis Aquae has taken a significant turn from its original concept.  Tseng hopes that his readers will come to enjoy both comics, and he reminds his fans that he greatly appreciates their support!
Hey kid.


Look here.

Directions of Destiny has joined the subscription site WirePop and is being revamped!
<dd>What does this mean?
<dd>New installments of Directions of Destiny will still be available for free, while the archives will only be available to WirePop subscribers.  So before you jump to conclusions, as long as you keep up with the updates, you won't have to pay a penny to view Directions of Destiny.
<dd>(Although subscribing and supporting your starving artist would be a very nice thing to do!)
<dd>As mentioned, the comic is starting anew, but all the old pages prior to the revision will be available for the time being in the "Predirection" link of the Story section!
<dd>If you have more questions about this matter, please check the post I made in the Alatus Forums!
<dd>If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, feel free to browse the forums!
"Congratulations! We have approved your account and referrals. You may now order your totally FREE Flat Screen."

I WIN!!!
An online offer for a Free flat-screen TV, no different from the (which worked!).  If you are unfamiliar with the process, you register for an account, you sign up for one of the offers they list (and later cancel so you don't get charged!), and then you invite eight (8!) other people to do the same!

Apparently this has been working for many people too, and, well, if I want my free PS2, I need a TV to play it on!  So look on the site for more details, or post comments asking me questions, or Google or to see for yourself some testimonials of people who've received their free items!

In conclusion, if you love me, or even if you don't, sign up for an account and complete an offer (and then cancel it!) so I can finally indulge in TV gloryland!


(cross-posted to my LJ, and mentioned briefly on my site; if you can't tell, I'm really hoping this will work!)
People told me that I should get a DeviantArt account.  I figured it couldn't hurt.

Submitting art to this is a drag.

I don't like the two random welcome comments left for me.  I mean, who are they?  Apparently there's no way to delete comments though.

Not much is going on.